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Walkera rodeo is a light-weight and little quadcopter that’s designed for inside journeying. It could be utilized to competition with additional like-minded airplane pilots in the inside your home while also getting some images using its HD camcorder or documenting using its 5.8GHz film transmitting.

Nevertheless, the drone may also be journeyed in nature, maybe in the forests, but, preferably in regular temperature runs because its featherweight design of significantly less than g (like the battery) might not endure against impressive gusts of wind, in order that is actually a poor traveling experience for you personally.

Walkera rodeo helps Walkers range in its flagships of drones. The business has produced the real drone that’s made totally for inside make use of. Because of this, start-up aficionados can experiment with this impressive small machine to build up their technological skills before managing huge drones like the Walkera F and Vortex Pro in character because they might need intense abilities.

Design & Resilience

Walkera rodeo , in spite of it being little in proportions, it really is specifically designed to thrive numerous accidents whenever it hits plants or areas certainly as its issues. This durable design is normally granted by its 2 mm graphite framework kit. It really is referred to as deterioration degree of level of resistance, effect degree of level of resistance and deterioration degree of level of resistance.


Camera-wise, Walkera rodeo does not have any innovative camera compared to various other innovative outdoors Walkera racing drone. Even so, it could still capture HD pictures and details HD videos in close range in the inside your home. Additionally it is capable of getting amazing antenna pictures outside in having less impressive gusts of blowing wind which could adversely and suddenly impact its travel period.

Battery & Air travel time

Walkera rodeo posseses an mAh Liposuction battery which is impressive enough to retain in the sky for an ideal of 6 mins in having less severe temperature runs that could reduce its travel period. The batterys energy has been the drones efficiency energy program to keep fairly much longer in the sky compared to additional drones from the same sizing aswell as.

Remember that the travel duration of Walkera rodeo could be impacted detrimentally by the exterior environment. Take a look movie to observe how snowfall circumstances possess impacted Walkera race drone. Solid gusts of blowing wind can result in a lower life expectancy travel time because of the little sizing the drone. It really is thus a good idea to soar it in continuous surroundings just like the inside your home.

Flight Performance

Walkera rodeo is good described by its high-speed little brushless motors. These coreless motors perform fantastically in inside your home rushing drones because of the light-weight. You can find furthermore cost-effective despite the fact that strength can be a little bit of issue.


Walkera rodeo was designed for airplane pilots who aren’t attached to outdoors drone hurrying, or the ones that are still not used to Walkera Race Dronerushing. It could be used being a stage towards perfecting various other drones. The entire weight of the drone is normally g rendering it practical to be utilized inside your home, probably in the extra room region for rushing.

5 years ago