Teal Swan Briefly Discusses the Law of Attraction

In the simplest terms, law of attraction involves the ability of a person to attract whatever they are focusing on into their lives. It is believed by many that all people are susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe, which includes the law of Attraction, regardless of their nationality, age or religious beliefs. This law makes use of the power of mind for the purpose of translating whatever is in the thoughts of a person, and subsequently manages to materialize them into reality.  Law of attraction is one of the biggest mysteries of life, and only a few individuals like Teal Swan are well-acquitted with it.

No matter whether people do it unknowingly or knowingly, but they act as human magnets that send out thoughts and emotions, while attracting back more of what they have sent out. The law of attraction is a philosophy that underlines that positive thoughts bring positive results into the life of a person, while negative thoughts bring outcomes that are negative. This is based on the belief that the thoughts of people are actually a form of energy, and energy that is positive can magnetize success in diverse areas of life, which includes relationships, health and finances.

According to certain people, the law of attraction is made up of certain central universal principles. They include:

  • Like attracts like: As per this law, similar things get attracted to one another. It basically implies to the fact that individuals commonly attract others who are similar to them. This principle also suggests that the thoughts of an individual magnetize similar results. Positive thinking can produce desirable experiences, while negative thinking may lead to negative experiences.
  • Nature abhors a vacuum: This principle linked to the law of attraction suggests that one can make more space in their life for positive things, by gradually letting go of negativity. This principle is based on the notion that it is not possible to have a wholly empty space in mind and life. As something will always fill up the space, one must try to make sure that is filled with positivity and not negativity.
  • The present is always perfect:  This law puts emphasis on the idea that there are always things that one may do to improve the present moment. Even though it might seem that the present is flawed in many situations, according to this law, people should try their best to focus their energy on finding ways to make the present moment a lot better, rather than dwelling on dread or unhappiness.

Teal Swan has written books like “Shadows Before Dawn: Finding the Light of Self-Love Through Your Darkest Times” and “The Completion Process: The Practice of Putting Yourself Back Together Again”. In her books and workshops, she talks about a variety of issues, including spirituality, relationships, the law of attraction, and the meaning of life. Her ideas are influenced heavily by Eastern religious traditions, including Hinduism and Zen Buddhism.

1 year ago