Stay Away from Hefty Fines with a Cost-Affordable Solution – AccessiBe

Businesses are now legally compelled to ensure their sites are accessible to users with physical disabilities or be subject to hefty fines for non-compliance with the ADA guidelines. Accessibility lawsuits do not affect the small business owner alone; large corporations are made to make lots of money as fines when it comes to accessibility lawsuits. It is the need of the hour for all businesses, as it is their social and digital responsibility to easily make their sites accessible to every user on the Internet. 

AccessiBe is an affordable automated solution for all your accessibility issues 

Keeping in mind the above predicament of both small and large business owners, AccessiBe was designed to ensure their sites were fully compliant and accessible 24/7 to all users. This tool is automated with advanced artificial and machine learning technologies to help business owners keep lawsuits at bay. 

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it runs independently in the background and does not interfere with your site’s underlying code. It uses a snippet from your site’s JavaScript to function optimally without causing any trouble to the surfing experience of your site. It can be installed in under five minutes, and the developers of the tool take care of its maintenance and updates. This means you do not have to worry about it after you install it on your site. You can focus on the core functions of your business, knowing that your web accessibility gaps and compliance standards are taken care of. 

Increase sales opportunities 

Do you know that users with physical disabilities want to access your site and buy goods and services from you? If the browsing experience of your site is poor for them, you will lose potential customers. They will never come back to your site, and the bounce rates will be intensely high. Moreover, think about your brand reputation if people with disabilities are not able to navigate your site. It will not go down well with your other customers in the market. Moreover, the hefty fines and lawsuits will ruin your reputation even more. So, when it comes to the subject of web accessibility, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Install the tool and alleviate tensions 

With AccessiBe, you are able to ensure new content is accessible and fully compliant round-the-clock. The tool runs a daily scan every 24 hours, and when you upload any fresh content, it will check that as well. It will look for gaps in accessibility and fix the issues in 48 hours. Moreover, you get a certification for compliance and an accessibility statement for your confirmation. 

Therefore, as a business owner, if you are struggling with website accessibility issues and looking for a cost-effective and quick solution to deal with the problem, installing this innovative tool will keep your worries at bay. Your users will enjoy a better browsing experience and ensure your brand reputation in the market grows for being a socially and digitally responsible business brand with success. This goodwill will drive in better traffic and more profits over time!

1 year ago