Selin Sakarcan on the Job of Being a Podiatrist 

Many people are not aware of the term “podiatrist” and why they are indispensable in the healthcare industry. The job of any podiatrist is to help people understand how they can keep their foot and ankle safe from injuries to stay healthy. These experts serve the important task of making sure that the lower body extremities are always functioning well. 

Selin Sakarcan – Creating awareness about foot and ankle health 

Selin Sakarcan is from a Turkish-American home and intensely loves the Turkish culture and language. She is an esteemed podiatrist in Pennsylvania and specializes in foot and ankle surgery. 

She has a love for languages, and it developed in school after she began learning French. She later took it as her major while in college, studying neuroscience. Her subject distinction was molecular and cellular neuroscience. 

She is an athlete and has actively indulged in several sports. She also is a marathon runner and loves to take part in them regularly. She is a business owner and now working to create a non-profit in New Haven, Connecticut, called- Back on My Feet. 

Being aware of everything that takes place in the body 

Most people hardly pay attention to the lower extremities of their bodies, mostly taking them for granted. Little do they know that their feet and ankles are equally important as the upper areas of their body for a healthy life. 

According to her, as a podiatrist, the focus is not only on the foot and ankle. In fact, these skilled medical professionals are aware of everything that goes on in the upper part of the body, too, above the knee, hip, and spine. 

They need to be aware of everything that takes place in the body’s lower extremities. They include ingrown toenails, corns, and bunions. They have to correctly diagnose and treat them to maintain proper health in the body’s lower extremities. 

Dealing with surgeries and fractures 

They also ensure that the correct procedures like fracture treatments and surgeries are done well. They offer advice to patients when it comes to home care and avoid problems on their feet. They conduct tests and render guidance in cases where the patient has diabetes or arthritis. 

Education needed to become a qualified podiatrist 

In order to become a podiatrist, one has to study in medical school for four years. Students are taught about human anatomy after they attain their Bachelor’s degree. They later need to practice under a senior podiatrist as their apprentice for the next two years before they again take an oral and written examination. 

According to Selin Sakarcan, a podiatrist’s job is very demanding as they spend most of their time standing on their feet to treat their patients. Moreover, the professional needs to treat ailments that affect the body’s lower extremities correctly. They have to be mentally alert when it comes to the diagnosis of symptoms. However, the career opportunities are good, and there are several resident doctor job openings across the nation and the globe.  

2 years ago