Origins And Use Of TCM

Chinese medicine is acknowledged to have started around the 2nd century BC, with the initial records of its techniques originating from this era. That being said, several techniques such as acupuncture is believed to have been applied as far back as the stone ages. Prior to the advent of writing, these methods were primarily passed on via verbal methods.

As a tui na Singapore practicing clinic ourselves, we are often asked where many of our beliefs and practices originate from. Our answer lies in a range of texts that have been passed down since centuries ago. One of the first documented texts in TCM history is that of the Treatise on Cold Injuries.

The Treatise On Cold Injuries

The treatise on cold injuries which was complied by Zhang Zhongjing is one the earliest complete text in TCM. A cornerstone of the technique, the treatise describes various methods to diagnose and treat infectious conditions triggered by the cold. This is based on the categorization of diseases based on their yin & yang symptoms.

Yin Qi can be described as dark, chilly and negative while Yang Qi is light, warm and positive. TCM indicates that the balance between these two types of Qi is key. Comparable to the expression: “too much of a good thing is bad”, having excessive of 1 sort of Qi will lead your body to come to be imbalance.

The 6 categorises of transmittable conditions presented in the treatise is still heeded by lots of TCM doctors up to today. This knowledge is used TCM practitioners in order to derive the treatments needed by individual patients when they are feeling unwell.

Fundamental TCM Beliefs

TCM on the other hand considers that health issues happens due to the body losing its equilibrium. As such, it takes a holistic technique, seeking to restore equilibrium to the body as a whole instead of just addressing the afflicted region.

Sub Health Situations

It is likewise worth noting that TCM excels when dealing with “sub-health circumstances”. Under such situations, you would not be identified as unwell based upon western medicine standards, yet you most certainly would still feel weak. Generally, we would characterize such situations as feeling “off” or being under the weather.

Sub health occurs when a discrepancy in your body is present however has yet to develop into a full blown ailment. At this moment in time, you would feel uncomfortable however will not be given a medical diagnosis during a healthcare facility check-up since no specific microorganisms can be found.

How to Begin Utilizing TCM?

When you initially go to a TCM specialist, she or he will evaluate your situation in its entire context. This includes examining your tongue, taking your pulse & temperature and inspecting your skin. From the checkup, the TCM professional will be able to determine any type of inequalities in your body. After which, she or he will prescribe treatments that aid to remove elements that are extreme and replenish that which is lacking.

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