How reliable is treatment from doctors for hair loss?

  Hair loss is no longer a big issue, thanks to the advancement of science, research, and development. Nowadays, there are many products, medications, and procedures available to treat hair loss. Most of them are provided by medical doctors. All treatments have their pros and cons. The success rate also varies depending on many factors. Generally, all therapies and medications are reliable as they were proven effective in treating many cases of hair loss. The examples of treatments are mesotherapy, derma rolling, and platelet-rich plasma treatment. Hair restoration treatments are available at a very competitive price in Malaysia.

  Mesotherapy uses very small needles to deliver a microscopic amount of medical-grade vitamins, minerals, hormones, plant extract, or enzymes into the mesoderm layer of the skin in treating hair loss or other conditions. Aesthetic medicine recognized mesotherapy as the best and most effective non-surgical procedure in treating skin conditions and hair loss. Other topical serum or cream can deliver the same outcome as mesotherapy.

  The effects following mesotherapy may last. However, we can’t stop the physiological ageing process, and because of this, we advise you to come regularly for maintenance treatments to preserve the desired effect at the optimum level. Minoxidil or finasteride is usually the medication used specifically to treat hair loss.

  Dermarolling dealing with hair loss by stimulating stem cells on the scalp and facilitate hair growth. Other than that, multiple small openings with ensuring better absorption of hair products such as minoxidil or also known as Rogaine. There is also a study that shows the potential benefits of derma rolling in the case of alopecia areata with the aid of corticosteroids. Dermarolling is effective in hair loss but the time taken for a desired does vary.

  Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss involves the injection of platelets or platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. This will stimulate hair follicles. Stimulation of hair follicles will result in hair growth. Platelet is part of our blood. It is one of the vital components of human blood. Centrifugation is a method to separate the subunits of our blood. It usually takes around 3 months to see the result of this procedure. One of the uses of platelet-rich plasma is to treat any aesthetic related issues such as hair loss.

   The fundamental of PRP treatment is to stimulate cells and tissues growth. This treatment can be used on many body parts other than the scalp. Stem cells are there within the hair follicles. The introduction of PRP to the scalp will stimulate the growth and multiplication of these stem cells. The growth factors will help to repair any destroyed structures of the scalp. The repair process will heal and promote the growth of new tissues.

  The advantages and benefits of choosing mesotherapy over other procedures are:

  • It is very effective
  • It is a progressive procedure
  • The best alternative to plastic surgery
  • Minimally invasive
  • Faster recovery in comparison to surgery
  • No post-surgical complications
  • Cost-effective

  Hair restoration treatments are the answer to your hair loss issue. Come and visit any clinics, hospitals, or aesthetic clinics in Malaysia to get a legit treatment and valid advice. Many criminals and liars out their claim to be doctors, dentists, aestheticians, and other professionals. Those people have no right and qualifications to give advice or treatment. Beware of such scams.

3 years ago