Hillandale Farms- Commitment Towards Sustainable Farming And Helping The Homeless 

When it comes to sustainable farming, the whole process entails protecting the environment and producing organic crops that are free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Farms that practice sustainable agriculture are also able to reduce their carbon footprint and save the natural resources of the planet. 

Hillandale Farmsan esteemed name in organic farming 

Hillandale Farms is a leading name in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, USA, known for its commitment to sustainable farming. These Farms have earned a number of Animal Welfare certifications and are known for their safe, sustainable practices when it comes to eggshells and offering food products in the market. 

With modern sustainable farming techniques and technologies, these farms have successfully established their market credibility in the region and are known for their quality organic food products that are non-toxic and free from chemicals. 

How it all began?

The company started in 1958 when its founder Orland Bethel changed professions from a coal truck driver in Flushing, OH, close to Wheeling, WV, to working in an egg company. He was excited about the future prospects of the company, and so he borrowed money to buy it. In this way, his business was born, and it started by reselling eggs in the market. 

In the middle of the 1970s, the company expanded to Florida and began to raise chickens on the farm. His son later joined the company and the business expanded further into Ohio and Pennsylvania. In the year 2000, these Farms expanded even further over multiple sites in Spring Grove and Gettysburg. During this time, the company was raising more than 10 million chickens. 

Commitment Towards Sustainable Farming

When it comes to serving customers, these Farms focus on quality and have several Animal Welfare like the United Egg producers for eggs that are cage-free and American Humane. The farm veterinarians are dedicated to animal welfare and health. The chickens are raised in clean and hygienic conditions. They are cared for well, and the staff that works here have their credentials checked before they are hired on these farms. 

These farms care about the environment and are deeply connected to their customers. This is why they are close to all their customers, as this helps them to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet. At the same time, they ensure that their processes for producing food products are sustainable from the beginning to the end. The farms use a lot of wind and solar energy. They also have unique water treatment plants for washing the eggs and recycling the water before it is sent back to the ground. All the staff is trained in modern technologies, and they are committed to bringing consumers in the area safe, sustainable, and organic products successfully. 

Hillandale Farms also cares about the homeless and makes regular donations to shelters. They believe that no one is homeless by choice. Circumstances often can change one’s life, and everyone has the right to food and shelter. In fact, they encourage charity and also believe that serving the community should be enabled if you are in a position to help. 


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