Facts About Contour Face Lift

You cannot turn the clock back much as you may wish to do so. It will please you to know that you can certainly reverse the ravage of age on your face with the support of rhytidectomy or surgical facelift. It is not surprising to find small lines appear on different parts of your face as you advance in years. There is no need to be scared about going under the knife to reiterate a colloquial expression. The procedure is safe and you will not feel a thing while the surgeon is at work. Again, you may not wish to have the skin on the entire facelifted at the same time. Ask for a contour face lift instead and have the loose skin and folds tightened effectively. 

It is natural to ask around and consult patients who had gone through the process before. Sure, you may find a lot of positive feedback along with a few negatives as well. Do not shy away from the treatment simply because a few people did not have the best experience. 

Purpose of contour face lift

When you do not want to go through the exceedingly long process, you can always settle for facial contouring is also known as facial sculpting. You are free to ask the surgeon to remove excess fat from selected parts of your face and tighten the lax skin that is ravaged with fine lines and wrinkles making you look old beyond your age. You will be appreciative of the fact that your face now looks smaller and completely proportionate. 

Well, you cannot follow the guidelines of a previous patient who underwent the same experience. You will be amazed to find the surgeon discuss the details with you and come up with a customized plan to contour your face according to your objectives. 

Facelift Types

No worries! You do not have to lift the already firm skin either. On the contrary, you are welcome to decide on the right procedure by helping your surgeon select between the following:

Mini Facelift– If you happen to be a model or associated with the beauty or entertainment industry then you may wish to refine your facial features despite being young. Opt for a minimally invasive procedure and have the problem areas improved surgically. 

Lower Facelift– Having to live with pronounced jowls or sport a double chin may leave you unsatisfied with your appearance. Target only the lower half of your face and have the excess fat removed with the skin tightened appreciably. 

Mid Facelift– You may get the laugh lines obliterated with the deep lines running from either side of your nose to the corner of your mouth eliminated too. The surgeon will only address the middle part of your face to solve the issue successfully. 

You may feel the need for a contour face lift when you want to reduce any of the following features and obtain a perfectly proportional face with an enviable jawline:

  • Square jaw
  • Weak or receding chin
  • Protruding cheeks, mouth, or chin
  • Asymmetrical mouth

The surgeon will tell you about the associated risks and will proceed with your consent.  

1 year ago