Average Face Lift Cost: What It Includes?

Most people aspire to look younger when the tell-tale signs of aging become apparent on their face, neck, and other parts of the body. Application of cosmetic products may work temporarily but it is important to consider long-standing treatments before long. Opting for a surgical procedure of facelift can prove to be a boon for a majority of patients. It is likely to be a trifle expensive in comparison to non-invasive procedures but most users find the cost to be justified and well within their means. You will be pretty amazed to know that the average facelift cost for the entire face may be as little as $5000. However, there are a few extras to take into account too. 

Faces lift Facts

Well, your doctor may suggest a mini facelift, if the signs of aging are not too pronounced on your face. This involves lifting the skin on the lower part of your face and neck. Only a third of your facial skin and associated tissue will be targeted during the procedure. You may have to opt for a more extensive surgery when the upper portion of your face including the forehead, corners of the eyes, and brows are ravaged by fine lines and sport a wrinkled look making you look way older than you happen to be. You would need a full facelift that targets both the middle and lower parts of the facial skin and underlying tissue simultaneously. 

Additional Expenses

You will receive an estimate for the cost of a facelift once you seek an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon. You must be prepared to pay for the following in addition to the basic costs:

  • Hospital / Clinic Fees 
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgical Fees
  • Associated Medical Fees  

You need to contemplate the following carefully before making the final decision and conveying the same to the concerned authorities.

  • Type of Facelift– remember that the traditional facelift involving the skin of the entire face will be the most invasive procedure. The incisions would be extensive and the surgeon would have to be extremely skilled to proceed with the surgery. A small area that needs lifting can be done with fewer incisions that result in bringing down the total costs too. You must, therefore, be prepared to make the right decision based on your aesthetic objectives.

  • Type of Anesthesia– A full facelift is done under general anesthesia that will put you to sleep for hours with no inkling of what the surgeon is doing to your face. Almost all types of facelifts require general anesthesia as the facial skin is soft and intensely sensitive. A smaller area is sure to need lesser amounts of anesthesia making it an inexpensive option.

  • Additional Requirements– The surgeon may decide to go ahead with multiple procedures simultaneously to help you improve your appearance all at once. You may agree to have an eyebrow lift done or opt for Botox as well as lip filler and be done with cosmetic procedures in a single session. 

It also makes sense to inquire about the fees of a reputed surgeon whose service is likely to be pricier than the average face lift cost.  

1 year ago