Adhesive Tapes You Never Knew Existed

Adhesive tape come in all shapes and sizes and be used for various purposes. You may be surprised by all the different tapes that are available on the market that are being used in industries ranging from construction, electrical to filming.

Here are some examples of adhesive tapes that are used in specific industries.

Box-Sealing Tape

Box-sealing tape comes in other widths but has the same use–closing corrugated boxes. It is a very strong tape that is generally used to secure boxes for delivery, thus it is widely used by packaging and shipping businesses.

Security Tape

This tape is used to make sure that the products inside are not tampered with during shipping or storing. It can be used on a whole box to show if the box has been opened or on individual containers of product. The strength of the tape itself is not as important as the security features, as users will want to know if the box has been opened. These tapes are generally similar in appearance to regular packing tape, as users don’t want to draw attention that there may be something expensive or important in the box.

Electrical Tape

This tape is used to insulate electric wires and anything else that may conduct electricity. While it can be made from a number of different plastics, the most popular variety is vinyl because it will last for so long, offers great insulation, and is very stretchy. With just one sticky side, it’s easy to stretch and to wrap around wires without worrying about it sticking to itself.

Floor Marking Tape

This is a very heavy-duty tape that is used to mark directions, outlines, or divide spaces on the floor. It’s great for manufacturers to use because this tape is faster and easier to use than paint. Using tape to mark locations for items in a warehouse speeds up unloading and ensures that everything is in the right place.

Gaffer Tape

Made from a cotton cloth, this tape is generally used in theatre, film, or photography industries. It’s strong enough to secure cables, fix broken equipment, or show the layout on stage but can be torn by hand. Gaffer tape comes in a number of different colours so that it can blend in or stand out, depending on the need of the staff using it.

Floral Tape

Floral tape is used to wrap stems of flowers and leaves when they are used in a bouquet to protect the stem and provide a cohesive look to the bouquet. It can be used to wrap individual stems or to hold multiple ones together to give them some strength. Additionally, it comes in many colours and can even include corsages, fake flowers, or other items on wire stems in a bouquet.

That concludes our list of adhesive tapes that you may not know exist, do know that this is a non-exhaustive list with many more interesting types of adhesive tapes available on the market.

4 years ago