4 Important Questions From Stairlift Owners

Are you looking to install a stairlift in your home? Do you have questions or concerns about the product? As a stairlift Singapore supplier, we often come across clients who are worried about the reliability of the product and its utility. As such, we like to share some of their most common concerns and our answers to them.

Are stairlifts user friendly?

Stairlifts are not convoluted to run. The system is controlled by means of a toggle switch situated on the armrest. If the chair will be used by more than one person, you can select to have one that has a push-button control switch that permits you to call the chair from the top or bottom of the stairs.

To make certain you never lack charge in the middle of the staircases, stairlifts charge when they are in the park setting. This way, even when there is an electricity loss, you will not forfeit movement around your home since the device has a power back-up.

Do stairlifts need a constant power supply?

Confirm the power supply is plugged into a functioning outlet. Most power supplies will look similar to the one in this photo. If the power supply is connected in it may be the electrical outlet is off. Inspect to see if the outlet is a switched outlet or if the breaker has tripped. If it’s a switched electrical outlet you will wish to have the power supply linked into a dedicated electrical outlet that is constantly on. Also, stairlifts are operated and managed by circuits that ought to constantly be safeguarded by a surge guard. After verifying the outlet is supplying power and the power supply is plugged in check the lift.

What is the battery disconnect switch?

The battery disconnect switch is the main shut off switch for the lift. The battery disconnect switch has a distinct function than the key switch. The function of this switch is to remove power from the PCB and disable all functions of the lift. Finding this switch can in some cases be hard. The switch site will differ depending on the lift producer. Normally they are situated on the lift in an area that will not be knocked into conveniently.

Will users still be at risk?

Stairs come to be a main cause of awful mishaps and slips in the house as we age, and these regrettable instances can typically result in significant injury and hospitalisation. Without staircases, this just won’t be a problem any longer, which can be a huge appeal to anybody anxious about a senior relative who resides on their own. Relocating from a 2– or even three– story residence into a bungalow can most definitely be a great safety precaution.

3 years ago