Disney Infinity Incredible Pre-Order Deal

Disney Infinity finally comes out August 18th.  We here in the McAuley household have been waiting all summer for this game.  Originally this game was scheduled to be released in mid June and it was going to be part of our summer vacation entertainment.  At the last minute the game got pushed back to August.  According to Disney, it was because retailers wanted it out closer to Christmas.
For those of you unfamiliar with Disney Infinity, it is Disney’s newest cash printing machine.  It is a video game that also requires you to buy real world toys to unlock all of the game’s content.  Check out this article – Disney Infinity is going to be incredible, is your wallet ready for it? -for a breakdown of everything that is included with this game.  You can also watch this trailer video to get a good idea of what the game is all about.

Disney Infinity Incredible Pre-Order Deal
I preordered my copy of Disney Infinity last night.  I was going to wait and pick it up in the store the day it came out, but Amazon offered me a deal that I just couldn’t pass up.  First off you get the starter pack.  The starter pack comes with the game, the portal, and three characters (Sully, Captain Jack, and Mr. Incredible) for $75.  Amazon is sweetening the pot for those who pre-order.  They are throwing in a free additional character, we decided on Randall from Monsters University, which is a $13 value.  They are also giving a free Power Disc pack, which is a $5 value.  Then, to top it off, they are giving free shipping.  That’s $18 worth of free game supplies.  $18 that I can take and buy another character and power disc pack with
You can click here to preorder your copy – Disney Infinity Deal
Is anyone else excited about this game or am I the only one.  Who else is going to pre-order for this fantastic deal?


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