David Blaine and the DryPod

David Blaine’s failed attempt at breaking the world record for holding his breath underwater for longer than 8 minutes, 58 seconds has not deterred him from trying again. That’s right, according to People Magazine, Blaine wants to try the stunt once more, but without being immersed in a tank for a week. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is feeling fine.Unless you’ve been locked up in a 2,000-gallon tank of water yourself, then you’ve probably already heard about David Blaine’s latest stunt: to hold his breath underwater longer than 8 minutes, 58 seconds, which is currently the world record. Blaine has trained for the event with an elite free-diving team led by trainer Kirk Krack. He has been immersed in an 8-foot acrylic sphere full of 2,000 gallons of 98.6-degree F water for seven days and nights in front of the Lincoln Center in NYC.

David Blaine

Drowned Alive will appear tonight at 8pm on ABC where he will hold his breath in hopes of a victory.Rather than watching him on TV, fellow GearLogger PJ Jacobowitz and I decided to venture to Lincoln Center for a hands-on look at the daredevil himself. We didn’t arrive empty-handed though. We decided to bring along a new product we’ve received in the PC Magazine Labs: SKB’s DryPod: a protective, waterproof plastic casing, currently available for the 4Gen iPod and iPod with video. Luckily, PJ felt brave enough to use his iPod with video for the test. Our plan was to put the case on the iPod, immerse it in a vase full of water, then bring it to Blaine to show him the fun he could be having while underwater.When we arrived, there he was: looking like a big fish, waving to everyone, probably bored out of his mind, with an oxygen mask and liquid nutrition being fed to him through a tube.

Nuts I tell ya! Still, you couldn’t help but be fascinated.After being interviewed by Telemundo, we were able to get up close and personal with Blaine, by walking right up to the sphere and taking a picture while listening to some Weezer. He gave us a thumbs-up.┬áSo far, the DryPod has held its breath for 3 hours and 46 minutes. It works very well underwater, and Weezer sounded great.The DryPod comes with a stainless steel belt clip, arm band, lanyard with clip, and adapter for other headphones with different angle plugs. Both the SKB-9000 for the color iPod and the SKB-9001 DryPod for the video iPod sell for $44.95.SKB plans on releasing a DryPod for the iPod nano near the end of June or July.Want to see more pics of David Blaine and the DryPod? Click here!

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