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DigitalDeck Networks TV, DVD and iTunesAre you ready for networked TV?

Er, of course you are, the market is already flooded with home entertainment networking products.  And here comes one more…  but this one is different.DigitalDeck announced today that its home entertainment networking software and Media Connector hardware are available today for order ($499) on its corporate Web site.  The system, billed as a complete home entertainment networking

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Alcohol Tests 6 & 7

BigMentalDisease’s breathalyzer reviews continue with the Alcohawk Precision (left) and Elite (right) models. PC Magazine’s Whitney Reynolds tested the Precision, while PJ Jacobowitz tested the Elite. In Jacobowitz’s own words, he describes both the Precision and the Elite as the “Olsen Twins of breathalyzers: firm bodies and almost identical to the eye, but with different personalities.”

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Boxchild Day

All eyes were on Tuam in Co. Galway today as Irish Travellers celebrated Boxchild Day. The annual festival, taking place on the last Thursday of February, centres around a ritual believed by Irish Travellers to determine the tone of their behaviour over the Spring and Summer months. The ritual involves releasing a Traveller child from

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