Suggestions while playing the SimCity Buildit

When we talk about the SimCity Buildit then we will find the most difficult task is to earn the Simoleons and the generate the income for the citizens residing in the city. Some tips and the background of the game should be known to you before you start playing the game as it will be quite helpful for you.

Tips to play SimCity Buildit at all the levels

  1. Developing your location hall and making your inhabitants satisfied: Once you have reached to level five of the game you are allowed to build your city and you can also reach various levels of the city in a building are the architecture which you have only thought about never able to reach till date to the same. You will be allowed to collect the taxes from the inhabitants directly and your kitty will be credited of the same.
  2. Tax collected: The amount of tax provided by the inhabitants also depends on upon the satisfaction level of the citizens. So, it should be best for you, if you want to collect the maximum is that you should you should maintain and create lots of parks and the fun part in the city to increase their satisfaction level.simcity buildit hack tool
  3. Promoting the assets of the city: In the starting, you can think that it is of no use, but going once you have hit eight thousand tags you can make the great use of the same. After the same transpires you can market your products in the upward direction to be purchased by the other games. The trick that you can apply is that you can create a storage for the rare materials, where you can store the products and goods which are manufactured and can be used by the other gamers too.
  4. Options available: The great deals will also be keep coming into your way to get the best out of them and the Simoleons are always there to be exchanged at any time with the means available. You can engage around the coins which are usually displayed on the top of the properties and can make a decision to trade with the dealer accordingly.
  5. Update your households: The only key to winning the game is to keep on updating your households for the coming time, if you are doing it right, you do not require anything else to stress upon. The modernization of the houses surely will help you in making the extra money and it is beneficial also to update a residence that is preexistence in the city and earn quick money out of it.
  6. Use Hack and cheats: Simcityfree have developed simcity buildit hack for its users.

Do take care of these suggestions as they will be of good use of yours if you take to use them while playing and set up the milestones which you have always thought about. So, do not hesitate and start applying them in your game to play unbreaking and fearlessly

$129 19-inch LCD and a whole mess o’ other pre-Memorial Day deals

In preparation for the long weekend, I’ve dug up a bunch of irresistable tech deals:TigerDirect has a Hyundai 19″ LCD for only $129 after rebate. In typical Tiger-fashion, you can spend $30 more and deal with less rebates if you choose not to get the bundled CA eTrust Internet Security Suite. But think about it hard. The CA suite is good software (read PC Mag’s review) and even if your system is well protected, you probably know someone’s whose isn’t. Also read PC Mag’s story on several other recent sub-$200 19-inch LCD deals.
Prefer buy a monitor from a company that’s famous for its displays and not its cars? Or just want a wide-screen? Or DVI compatibility. Or… Then check out Tiger’s deal on the Viewsonic VA1912wb. Just $179.99 after $50 rebate.PC Mag columnist, Michael Miller, recently asked me to track him down a good deal on a 2.5″ external drive. The beauty of the 2.5″ drives versus the larger, faster 3.5″ alternatives, is the the smaller drives run off USB power. You don’t have to lug around an AC adapter. Some, in fact, are arguably pocketable. has a 100GB, 5400rpm Seagate drive for only $124.95.
Need a notebook? Techbargains is reporting a good deal on a Dell Inspiron 9400 with Core Due T2300 processor and 17″ LCD for only $909.
Want a cute, little MP3 player that’s compatible with all the download and subscriptions services like Napster, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music Unlimited and MTV’s new URGE service? Then you don’t want an iPod. has the little 1GB SanDisk Sansa c140 for only $79.95 after $10 rebate. SanDisk has been making inroads against Apple and is now the #2 portable audio player manufacturer.

Need wireless headphones? For less than $20, of course you do! has a pair of RCA 900MHz headphones for $19.59. These aren’t the portable types. They’re for hooking up to your stereo or TV so your spouse can get some sleep.
If you want wireless headphones for your iPod, has the Logitech Wireless Headphones for only $39.99 after $50 rebate.
How about a digital camera? is working its magic on some deals from Dell to get the price on the little 7 megapixel Canon SD550 down to $239, or go to the other end of the spectrum and buy the 12.8 MP Canon EOS 5D DSLR for $2,252.
Want a cameras that’s even smaller than the SD550? has my constant companion, the 5MP Casio Exilim EX-S500 for only $247.99. I love this little camera because it’s so small I always keep it with me. Decent pictures and great video, too. Or get the 6MP EX-S600 for only $273.99.
If you’re just getting started and want something fairly basic, Staples has the HP Photosmart 425 GoGo Photo Studio, which includes a basic 5MP camera and a nice, compact printer for 4×6″ photos, for only $199.98.
Wanna see what the kids are up to when you’re away? Newegg has the Linksys WVC54GC Wi-Fi webcam for $94.99. has it for a penny cheaper and free shipping.
Is that a router in your pocket? Why, yes, it is! If you travel a lot and you don’t like being tethered to the hotel room desk to get your broadband fix, get the D-Link DWL-G730AP pocket WiFi router. Another PC Magazine Editors’ Choice, Amazon has it for $36.99 after $10 rebate. Have fun.

DigitalDeck Networks TV, DVD and iTunesAre you ready for networked TV?

Er, of course you are, the market is already flooded with home entertainment networking products.  And here comes one more…  but this one is different.DigitalDeck announced today that its home entertainment networking software and Media Connector hardware are available today for order ($499) on its corporate Web site.  The system, billed as a complete home entertainment networking solution, allows you to network your PC with media devices (like DVD players, VCRs, stereos, and even security cameras) around your house via a wired home network.  The brain and storage hub of the network is a PC running Windows XP.  The Media Connector hardware can then link up legacy devices provided that they have audio and video outputs and an IR remote, which is how the Media Connector controls the device.  So you need need quite a few Media Connectors.  Once a device is connected to the network, the content it provides is available on any TV or PC that’s also on the network, and a universal remote can be used to control it from anywhere in your house.


For instance, you can start watching a DVD in the living room.  Pause it.  Go upstairs to the bedroom, and resume the movie (by clicking play on the remote once you’re upstairs).  The system can also stream iTunes music around the house, even playing AAC files, as well as WMA.  MPEG-2 video is supported at 6 Mbps.  Plus, you can play .tivo files on the network, and even link into photostreams from Flickr.

The current system cannot network HD-quality content.  However, when I spoke to a company representative today, she assured me that it would be supported by the end of the year.DigitalDeck does not officially offer a Web interface for remote programming control (like Slingbox).  Although, I did receive an unofficial tip that Orb Networks works really well for this purpose.  Wink.  Wink.  Nudge.  Nudge. I saw my first demo back at CES 2004 and was impressed enough to bring it on CNN for a Best Of CES segment.  Needless to say, I’m chomping at the bit to see the new system in action but I have to admit that I’m a little worried about video quality.  I’ll fill you all in when I get my hands on some testing units.

Real sniper videogame – Kill Shot Bravo

Being a real sniper in a videogame varies between being not unbelievably difficult and unbelievably tough, determined by the game. Try and play with a sniper rifle in Destiny or Call of Duty, and you’re faced with the demand to hit unpredictable targets that are generally running at full speed across the map, but strike from the shadows against AI enemies who’ll then scramble to take cover and return fire, and it becomes a lot easier.

It’s the epitome of gaming that is bitesized, with a mission taking just a few minutes to finish.

You drops into a sniper place somewhere on a large and grand degree, giving you a small slice of it as you revisit exactly the same locale numerous times to view each time. It’s then up to you to see, zoom in, aim and shoot to kill your target, as you fight against your firearm’s natural movement, with some pretty clear and intuitive controls.

That first shot, whether a success or a miss, alarm targets and any other enemies on screen, sending them scurrying. Sometimes you’ll have a certain target to kill, sometimes they’ll have body armour, they might start to fire back, or maybe they’ve got a target that you’re trying to defend from assailants. The final kill, either way and the final bullet is rewarded with a slow motion bullet cam in the Sniper Elite series, but without getting to see the skeletal.

Real sniper videogame - Kill Shot Bravo

In this core sniping mode, Sniper Fury comes across as varied and the more polished of the two with more manners of mixing up the objective, but both change things up regularly with new enemies and the odd boss target thrown in for good measure. Nevertheless, Kill Shot Bravo only is’t quite easy on the eye as Sniper Fury, with more level feels in spots and some unusual character models, not to mention that it really fairly distastefully has you shooting at clearly marked medics.

Both are additionally wrapped up in clearly similar and formulaic sorts of monetising the free to play games.

Frankly, both are fairly disorganized and confusing due to it, with pop ups for a cluttered main menu and discretionary purchases, but the monetisation has rarely got in the way of me playing. I ranked up frequently enough that I do’t have to worry about running out of energy, and even the gameplay’s best consumed in brief bursts. Moreover, it’s not too hard to amounts that are finish with underpowered guns, however, I can see that changing as you head deeper and deeper into the levels on offer.

Wrapped around this heart of F2P and sniping are the notions that help both games stand apart, though. Sniper Fury has assault missions where you need to tackle similar assignments, merely and ’re armed with an assault rifle at closer range, but also adds a little foundation building component, where you can set soldiers fend off attackers and earnt from regular play to try.

Kill Shot Bravo Hack is more ambitious though. There are on-the-rails missions with a shotgun in hand, which make for a much larger change of pace and is more gratifying to use than the recoil -filled spray of bullets the assault rifle-based modes are in either game. There’s also a coalitions system, where members of an alliance can lend their character as a spotter and help mark goals, but what’s substantially more intriguing is the PvP multiplayer.

It’s designed to be played in just a few moments, as you go head to head with an opposing sniper in keeping with the rest of Kill Shot Bravo.

In the end, both Kill Shot Bravo and Sniper Fury are relatively light games that are simple to drop in and out of for a number of seconds at a time. They get the sniping right, attempt to keep you on your toes with different objectives and styles of play, and attempt to place their own stamp on this with a few different manners. However, neither are really going to do more than distract you for several minutes while you’re waiting for the pot to boil or the bus to arrive. I think it just depends if you’re desperate to shoot things during those few minutes…

Alcohol Tests 6 & 7

BigMentalDisease’s breathalyzer reviews continue with the Alcohawk Precision (left) and Elite (right) models. PC Magazine’s Whitney Reynolds tested the Precision, while PJ Jacobowitz tested the Elite. In Jacobowitz’s own words, he describes both the Precision and the Elite as the “Olsen Twins of breathalyzers: firm bodies and almost identical to the eye, but with different personalities.” (I think he only said that because he wants to score a date with them.)The Precision has a yellow “ready” light that flashes when warming up, and turns steady when it’s okay to blow into it. It does not display a countdown like the other AlcoHawk models (except for the Micro), but we counted about 60 seconds until it’s ready.The AlcoHAWK Elite dons a crisp blue LCD screen that allows for more information to be displayed. It shows a countdown, and when it reaches zero, it displays the word “wait,” and then “RDY” at which point it’s ready to test.Precision Test. Reynolds took the Precision to Kenka, her fav Japanese Restaurant, for some heavy-duty alcohol testing. She downed four beers at dinner. She was anxious to see what her BAC level was, so she rinsed her mouth out with water and tested at a .100%. When she arrived home, she tested herself again, and received a very different reading: a .058%!

Alcohol Tests

Clearly, there was something wrong with the device. She then had six more beers 4 hours later (damn this girl could drink me under the table) and tested at 0.117%, which seemed more reasonable.Just so you don’t think Reynolds is a lush that flies solo, she dragged both her roommate and PC Magazine’s Arielle Rochette along for the ride. Her roommate had several glasses of Plum Wine and reached .030%; Rochette reached 0.010%, only after 2 glasses of wine, which didn’t make much sense.Accuracy. Readings varied greatly depending on if you had any alcohol residue in your mouth, or if you used a mouthpiece that had been used by someone with a higher BAC.  The device didn’t really seem very accurate to Reynolds because of this…too many other factors could lead to a false reading. Overall Impressions. Reynolds found the Precision to be fun and entertaining to see quantifiably how drunk she was.

When she was at 0.058%, she figured one more drink would put her over the legal limit to drive (although she doesn’t drive), and it was interesting because she wasn’t very tipsy at all. Her BAC was always higher than she thought it would be. The device’s size was a little unwieldy to have in a pocket or a purse, and the mouthpieces seem like they’d be easy to lose (and you’d really need to wash them regularly to get accurate readings).Elite Test. Jacobowitz’s experience was much difference with the AlcoHAWK Elite, considering he couldn’t remember exactly how many drinks he had. But, he believes that it’s somewhere around 6 beers and 2 shots over the span of 3 hours. His BAC level reached 0.13%, which definitely seemed accurate. When he was out partying with the Elite, it was as if he was a celebrity, because everyone wanted to meet him and blow into the breathalyzer. Unfortunately, the Olsen Twins were nowhere in sight.Get the AlcoHAWK Precision for $79.99 or the AlcoHAWK Elite for $130.Stay tuned for a final test of all 7 breathalyzers against the FC10–the breathalyzer that law enforcement uses.-Alcohol Test 5: AlcoScan AL6000-Alcohol Test 4: Brookstone Digital Alcohol Detector-Alcohol Test 3: AlcoHAWK Micro-Alcohol Tests 1 & 2: AlcoHAWK Slim & AlcoHAWK ABI-Alcohol Safety Month Intro

A Portrait of The Wacom Cintiq 21

UXI love the tag line to columnist Lance Ulanoff’s recent column, “Design Software: The Artist’s Best Friend”, which reads ‘Forget what the professors say. The PC will save your artistic life.” I’m not sure if I’m in total agreement with that first statement, but because I’m an artist and an art teacher, I found the column provocative. It also reminded me to do a little informal testing on Wacom’s Cintiq 21UX, an expensive but exceptional interactive pen LCD. Quite simply, I wanted to take the Cintiq for a test run and see if it fell short, met or exceeded my artistic expectations. Introduced in the winter of 2005, the Cintiq 21UX takes the concept of the pen tablet, which Wacom also makes, and combines it with the LCD screen. Letting you work directly on the screen. The 21.3 inch LCD has a 170-degree viewing able, has a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200, and on each side of the screen, the Cintiq 21UX has touch strips and express keys that can be programmed for a variety of tasks. Most importantly, I loved the pressure-sensitive, cordless pen that ups the levels of pressure sensitivity to 1024 levels (up from 512 levels). This allows you to mimic the expressive lines you might see on in an Old Master drawing, with the same line growing thicker, then thinner, darker then lighter as it moves around an object or figure. It’s what separates a cartoon from a Corregio. In my preliminary testing (mainly, creating various types of doodles and test swatches), I got pretty close to how I might draw on paper, but found I either overshot or fell shy of the mark, never quite getting the exact line I like to use (although it may just be a matter of spending more time with the display).

A Portrait of The Wacom Cintiq 21

When I’m able to sketch the way I can with a number 2 pencil on a tiny sketch pad , then I’ll be completely satisfied. The Cintiq 21UX also gives you the ability to tilt the pen, which adds yet another dimension to the drawing experience. For example, if you’re using an airbrush type of tool, and you tilt the pen as you’re using it, you can simulate the effect of scattering the spray of the airbrush. Or if you’re using a pencil tool in your graphics program, you can simulate the effect of using the side of the pencil, instead of the pencil point. Of course, this type of display doesn’t come cheap: it goes for about $2400. But at this time, I haven’t come across a more intuitive interactive screen. Setting up the screen took very little time (about a half hour to install the drivers, connect the display to my laptop and to make sure everything was working). Then, I fired up Corel’s Painter IX.5 on my laptop,  a marvelous program to use with this display. (The display also works with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphics programs.) Since so many of the program’s tool mimicked real-world media, I felt right at home layering with pastels, scumbling with oil paint or sketching with charcoal. Another nice feature to both the Wacom screen and the Painter IX.5 is that their preference sections were quite easy to use and intuitive.

The Wacom screen gives you options for how much pressure you generally apply to the pen. You can also assign different commands to the strips, or you can quickly change the type of tool you’re using by clicking on the pen’s control switch, which is like right-clicking your mouse. Overall, I felt I could simply immerse myself in the creative experience, whether I was working realistically, expressionistically and abstractly. It’s true it takes some time to get used to the feel of the tools, but once you do, the Cintiq seems to inspire you to get down your ideas. And, print them out, too Of course, I loved testing this screen. But I also let my seven-year-old daughter try it out during her recent visit to the labs and to see how intuitive the screen was. Sure enough, my little gadget girl took to the screen like a fish to water….or an artist to watercolor. For more pictures of my hands-on testing, click here.

Nintendo Press Conference Details

Although I wasn’t in Los Angeles to attend the Nintendo Press Conference today, I was able to watch it on an LCD screen at the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center in NYC. Nintendo wants to “challenge conventional thinking” by offering a new handheld remote controller that gives you freehand control in a simple and intuitive style. Their main focus is to break the barrier between those who play video games and those who do not, and bring them together. Nintendo presented various clips from its upcoming games for both the Wii and the DS Lite, and showed us how to use the Wii Remote. The Wii Remote includes a built-in speaker and two motion sensors so you feel as if you are part of the game. We could hear the sound of a tennis racket hitting a ball and a sword used to slash an enemy. Among the new games to be offered for the Wii (which is expected for Q4 2006) are Metroid 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Excite Truck, Project Hammer, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Red Steel, Madden 07, Rayman, and perhaps the most anticipated: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.Nintendo conference

If you are attending the E3 show, you’ll have the chance to play one of the 27 games on the show floor.What really excited me were the Wii Sports titles, which will include tennis, baseball, and golf. I remember playing the tennis game on my old-school Nintendo GameBoy and would always get frustrated when I’d miss the ball (even though it looked like I hit it!). You can see the Nintendo execs and the winner of the Wii contest at the right trying to play.Wii will also feature a built-in Virtual Console and backward compatibility with GameCube, letting you access Nintendo games from the NES, Super NES, and Nintendo 64. Alright!In related news, Nintendo DS Lite will launch June 11th at a price of $129.99. Expect more than 100 games to be released, including New Super Mario Bros, DK: King of Swing, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, Star Fox, Kirby, and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.For more in-depth details, read PC Magazine’s article.

David Blaine and the DryPod

David Blaine’s failed attempt at breaking the world record for holding his breath underwater for longer than 8 minutes, 58 seconds has not deterred him from trying again. That’s right, according to People Magazine, Blaine wants to try the stunt once more, but without being immersed in a tank for a week. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is feeling fine.Unless you’ve been locked up in a 2,000-gallon tank of water yourself, then you’ve probably already heard about David Blaine’s latest stunt: to hold his breath underwater longer than 8 minutes, 58 seconds, which is currently the world record. Blaine has trained for the event with an elite free-diving team led by trainer Kirk Krack. He has been immersed in an 8-foot acrylic sphere full of 2,000 gallons of 98.6-degree F water for seven days and nights in front of the Lincoln Center in NYC.

David Blaine

Drowned Alive will appear tonight at 8pm on ABC where he will hold his breath in hopes of a victory.Rather than watching him on TV, fellow GearLogger PJ Jacobowitz and I decided to venture to Lincoln Center for a hands-on look at the daredevil himself. We didn’t arrive empty-handed though. We decided to bring along a new product we’ve received in the PC Magazine Labs: SKB’s DryPod: a protective, waterproof plastic casing, currently available for the 4Gen iPod and iPod with video. Luckily, PJ felt brave enough to use his iPod with video for the test. Our plan was to put the case on the iPod, immerse it in a vase full of water, then bring it to Blaine to show him the fun he could be having while underwater.When we arrived, there he was: looking like a big fish, waving to everyone, probably bored out of his mind, with an oxygen mask and liquid nutrition being fed to him through a tube.

Nuts I tell ya! Still, you couldn’t help but be fascinated.After being interviewed by Telemundo, we were able to get up close and personal with Blaine, by walking right up to the sphere and taking a picture while listening to some Weezer. He gave us a thumbs-up. So far, the DryPod has held its breath for 3 hours and 46 minutes. It works very well underwater, and Weezer sounded great.The DryPod comes with a stainless steel belt clip, arm band, lanyard with clip, and adapter for other headphones with different angle plugs. Both the SKB-9000 for the color iPod and the SKB-9001 DryPod for the video iPod sell for $44.95.SKB plans on releasing a DryPod for the iPod nano near the end of June or July.Want to see more pics of David Blaine and the DryPod? Click here!

Disney Infinity is going to be incredible, is your wallet ready for it?

I am a giant Disney nerd.  I really enjoy their movies, theme parks, collectibles, etc, but their Console Video Games generally tend to suck.  Disney Interactive usually makes cheap games based off a movie or television show, like “The Princess and the Frog” or “Maters Tall Tales“.  Disney knows that they can sell them simply because they have a child’s favorite character on the box.  Even some of their larger efforts, like Epic Mickey, just felt unpolished.  Consumers will only put up with so much before they finally wise up and these practices are finally starting to catch up with them.  Disney Interactive lost $234 million in the most recent fiscal year and $1.25 billion over the last 2 years.
Disney has decided to circle the wagons and refocus on quality.  In the last 2 months Disney has laid off staff, shuttered under performing divisions, and most importantly announced a new game that looks to be more then worthy of my hard earned dollars.  In fact, my entire family is excited about getting this game so that we can play it together, which is what a Disney game should be.  The only problem for me is this game could get expensive.  Very expensive.

Disney Toys + Videogame = Fun

Disney Infinity is going to be incredible, is your wallet ready for
So what is this exciting new console game?  It’s called Disney Infinity and it should be a game changer for Disney Interactive.  It marks Disney’s move into video games that also incorporate real world toys.  The basic concept is similar to Skylander.  You are given a portal that plugs into your gaming system and when you place a toy character on the console they appear in the video game.  Disney does things differently from there.  First, there is a multi-player option where you can place two characters on one portal.  Disney will also be selling discs that players can stack under the characters that will give special items or powers.  Lastly, there is a spot on the portal for a Playset piece (more on Playsets below).
Disney Infinity will be broken up into two sections, Playsets and Toy Box.  Playsets are lands for specific characters where those characters play different missions to unlock items for the toybox.  Like Mike and Sully get to play in the Monsters University playset.   Mater and his cars friends can play in the Radiator Springs playset.  Each Playset offers different gameplay styles.  For example, in the Monsters University Playset you sneak around and play pranks on each other trying not to get caught.  Radiator Springs will offer racing.  Each Playset gives you 6 to 10 hours of game play and additional Playsets can be purchased.  Game missions won’t change within the playsets for each character, but the characters will all have different abilities.  Certain abilities will unlock certain items, which means that you will need all the characters to fully unlock the Playset.
The other part of the game is the toyboy box.  All of the different gadgets, vehicles, characters and worlds that you unlock in the Playsets will be available in the Toybox mode.  It is a giant free for all where characters can cross lands and interact with items from different movies in an open sandbox environments.  Gamers will also be able to create there own worlds.

So How Much?

All of this fun comes with a price, and for Disney Infinity, it can be hefty.  First you will need the starter pack, which comes with 3 playsets that unlock environments for Monsters University, The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean.  The starter pack comes with the game disk, 3 playsets and 3 toy figures: Sully, Mr. Incredible, and Jack Sparrow.  Starter Pack Price – $74.99

Once you have played through the original 3 playsets, you will need more worlds.  New Play Sets will be sold in Playset Packs and will come with two toy figures.  There will be 2 additional Playsets in the first wave – $34.99
Next you will need more toy characters so that you can unlock more items.  There will be 17 figures in the first series.  Individual figures – 12.99.  Figure three-pack – $29.99
Then you will need power discs so that you can get special abilities and items.  Disney says that these will be sold in blind packs and that certain discs will be more rare than others.  This will be done to encourage trading, adding even more real world fun to the game. This also means you will end up with a bunch of duplicates  They will come two discs to a pack and the first wave will have a total of 20.  Blind Power Disc pack – $4.99
Because Disney owns so many different properties and are constantly adding more, Disney plans to release a new game disc every year, to incorporate new Disney movies as they are released.  Don’t worry though because the old characters will be compatible with the toybox mode on the new disc and the characters produced for the new disc will be compatible on the old.  New game disc – price unknown
My quick math show that buying the complete first series would set you back at minimum $350.  That doesn’t include any limited edition characters or special Power Discs packed inside Disney fruit chewies or cereal.  I think my wallet just started sobbing.
Both my daughter and my son collect Disney merchandise with me.  Up until now, it has been a relatively cheap hobby.  We usually pick out a piece once or twice a year when we go to Disneyland.  Upon seeing the trailer for this, both of them started making plans on how we were going to collect them and where we would store them.  The real danger is that this stuff is going to be available in my local Walmart, staring at me every time I go grocery shopping.  Something tells me that Disney Infinity is going to be able to turn the tide on their loses rather quickly.

Disney Infinity Incredible Pre-Order Deal

Disney Infinity finally comes out August 18th.  We here in the McAuley household have been waiting all summer for this game.  Originally this game was scheduled to be released in mid June and it was going to be part of our summer vacation entertainment.  At the last minute the game got pushed back to August.  According to Disney, it was because retailers wanted it out closer to Christmas.
For those of you unfamiliar with Disney Infinity, it is Disney’s newest cash printing machine.  It is a video game that also requires you to buy real world toys to unlock all of the game’s content.  Check out this article – Disney Infinity is going to be incredible, is your wallet ready for it? -for a breakdown of everything that is included with this game.  You can also watch this trailer video to get a good idea of what the game is all about.

Disney Infinity Incredible Pre-Order Deal
I preordered my copy of Disney Infinity last night.  I was going to wait and pick it up in the store the day it came out, but Amazon offered me a deal that I just couldn’t pass up.  First off you get the starter pack.  The starter pack comes with the game, the portal, and three characters (Sully, Captain Jack, and Mr. Incredible) for $75.  Amazon is sweetening the pot for those who pre-order.  They are throwing in a free additional character, we decided on Randall from Monsters University, which is a $13 value.  They are also giving a free Power Disc pack, which is a $5 value.  Then, to top it off, they are giving free shipping.  That’s $18 worth of free game supplies.  $18 that I can take and buy another character and power disc pack with
You can click here to preorder your copy – Disney Infinity Deal
Is anyone else excited about this game or am I the only one.  Who else is going to pre-order for this fantastic deal?