SimCity BuildIt offers a pretty honest free-to-play experience

EA’s freemium take on the classic SimCity franchise is what most would expect, as we mentioned in our review. Still, SimCity BuildIt [Free] offers a pretty honest free-to-play experience with a lot of elements that pay homage to the chain. With that said, there are always ways to be more efficient while playing with we’ve and a crafting title got several tips to enable you to get there.

Have a Plan For The Inventory

It might seem it’s a great idea to keep a healthy supply of every item just in case. However, I think a better idea is to play to stock, not to the requirements and to know just what you’re looking for. Go insane on stockpiling those as at least you understand you’ll have the ability to quickly in once they’re ready to go and spend those on real upgrades if you’ve got a group of homes that are seeking a certain stuff.
The Global Trade HQ Is the Best Way to Sell Extra
Once you unlock the Trade HQ, I advocate using it to sell your excessive rare parts (i.e. expansion and stock stuff). The game provides you with the chance advertise’ a thing every couple of minutes, which means it’ll have a high possibility of popping up when their HQ is accessed by a player. I would’t always use common stuff to be sold by the HQ, but if you manage to stockpile a good quantity that you can probably get a fairly decent premium only because you’re selling a stockpile.

Make Efficient Use of Public Buildings

As it pertains to public buildings, where you place them to your own residential buildings in relation becomes an important part of the game. You want one building to touch as many residences as possible since public buildings can cost a pretty penny in order to optimize your investment. During the early game, fire departments and parks are the big public companies to pay attention to so I’d propose early zones that have fire department at the center of them, two dwellings above the road with a park and a road above three dwellings in a row. All five of the residential zones get access to road and the public buildings and you’re left with just a couple of spots that are empty. Clearly as you start to unlock police and specialty buildings, you’ll must rearrange but in the beginning this is likely one of the better ways to arrange your buildings.


Do’t Ever Use SimCash

This is a pretty normal tip for any timer established freemium game worth repeating but it’s: do spend your premium currency to speed up a timer. As you’ll constantly get the advantage of what you’re speeding up with just a little more time it’s almost never worthwhile. Most freemium games adore with spending premium currency to finish a timer because it appeals to the instant gratification want in most individuals tempting you. Merely do’t listen to it and, if all else fails, go play another game until the timers that are desirable are concluded.

Do’t Overextend at the Start

You might think you’ve been supplied a good number of coin to begin, when you begin playing SimCity BuildIt. This might feel particularly as you begin upgrading your residences and earning more. Yet, I’d suggest that you simply actually watch your spending at the onset, and choose to solely focus on several residences at the onset. You quickly unlock new requirements, such as sewage and water, that require significant capital to be able to get them up and running as you begin leveling up. Use SimCity BuildIt Hack to get unlimited Simoleons and SimCash.

Additional Slots For The Stores Can Go A Long Way

I’d advocate picking up the first additional slot for each of the stores you construct. This really is important for a couple of motives that are different. Unlike factories, your shops do ’t assemble things concurrently which means it’s going to take a lot longer to assemble the materials you desire. Second, the more slots you’ve got, the less opportunity you might have of having an empty shop running if you have’t been able to check into the game for awhile. Third, the more items it is possible to queue up, the less items end up in your inventory, this means you’ll be able to construct and accumulate other things while your store items are in the queue. Finally, the first slot extra slot only costs four SimCash, which can be a steal for me.
Once you assemble the City Hall early on, you can start collecting taxes on a daily basis. An apparent trick is to be sure you log in at least once a day in order to collect your taxes and restart the timer (particularly since coins are so important in this game). Another obvious step is to mind the relationship between happiness and taxes. The more happy your citizens, the higher the taxes they pay, which can be a proportion of the the citizens you’ve got. On not overextending; make sure all the citizens you’ve got now are 100% happy before thinking of enlarging this goes back to my suggestion.

Higher Capacity Factories Are Great, But Do’t Go Overboard

You’ll be able to bulldoze your old ones and assemble the new higher ending factories for an amount once you unlock higher end factories. The advantage to factories that are better is having the ability to assemble more stuff simultaneously. The disadvantage is the apparent cost of coins. It’s a great idea to upgrade at least one or two to basic factories, but I would’t bother moving to mass production or higher unless you really have the spare capital (meaning do’t squander your life savings on it) and you understand you have the stock space to handle the increased production.

Disney Infinity is going to be incredible, is your wallet ready for it?

I am a giant Disney nerd.  I really enjoy their movies, theme parks, collectibles, etc, but their Console Video Games generally tend to suck.  Disney Interactive usually makes cheap games based off a movie or television show, like “The Princess and the Frog” or “Maters Tall Tales“.  Disney knows that they can sell them simply because they have a child’s favorite character on the box.  Even some of their larger efforts, like Epic Mickey, just felt unpolished.  Consumers will only put up with so much before they finally wise up and these practices are finally starting to catch up with them.  Disney Interactive lost $234 million in the most recent fiscal year and $1.25 billion over the last 2 years.
Disney has decided to circle the wagons and refocus on quality.  In the last 2 months Disney has laid off staff, shuttered under performing divisions, and most importantly announced a new game that looks to be more then worthy of my hard earned dollars.  In fact, my entire family is excited about getting this game so that we can play it together, which is what a Disney game should be.  The only problem for me is this game could get expensive.  Very expensive.

Disney Toys + Videogame = Fun

Disney Infinity is going to be incredible, is your wallet ready for
So what is this exciting new console game?  It’s called Disney Infinity and it should be a game changer for Disney Interactive.  It marks Disney’s move into video games that also incorporate real world toys.  The basic concept is similar to Skylander.  You are given a portal that plugs into your gaming system and when you place a toy character on the console they appear in the video game.  Disney does things differently from there.  First, there is a multi-player option where you can place two characters on one portal.  Disney will also be selling discs that players can stack under the characters that will give special items or powers.  Lastly, there is a spot on the portal for a Playset piece (more on Playsets below).
Disney Infinity will be broken up into two sections, Playsets and Toy Box.  Playsets are lands for specific characters where those characters play different missions to unlock items for the toybox.  Like Mike and Sully get to play in the Monsters University playset.   Mater and his cars friends can play in the Radiator Springs playset.  Each Playset offers different gameplay styles.  For example, in the Monsters University Playset you sneak around and play pranks on each other trying not to get caught.  Radiator Springs will offer racing.  Each Playset gives you 6 to 10 hours of game play and additional Playsets can be purchased.  Game missions won’t change within the playsets for each character, but the characters will all have different abilities.  Certain abilities will unlock certain items, which means that you will need all the characters to fully unlock the Playset.
The other part of the game is the toyboy box.  All of the different gadgets, vehicles, characters and worlds that you unlock in the Playsets will be available in the Toybox mode.  It is a giant free for all where characters can cross lands and interact with items from different movies in an open sandbox environments.  Gamers will also be able to create there own worlds.

So How Much?

All of this fun comes with a price, and for Disney Infinity, it can be hefty.  First you will need the starter pack, which comes with 3 playsets that unlock environments for Monsters University, The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean.  The starter pack comes with the game disk, 3 playsets and 3 toy figures: Sully, Mr. Incredible, and Jack Sparrow.  Starter Pack Price – $74.99

Once you have played through the original 3 playsets, you will need more worlds.  New Play Sets will be sold in Playset Packs and will come with two toy figures.  There will be 2 additional Playsets in the first wave – $34.99
Next you will need more toy characters so that you can unlock more items.  There will be 17 figures in the first series.  Individual figures – 12.99.  Figure three-pack – $29.99
Then you will need power discs so that you can get special abilities and items.  Disney says that these will be sold in blind packs and that certain discs will be more rare than others.  This will be done to encourage trading, adding even more real world fun to the game. This also means you will end up with a bunch of duplicates  They will come two discs to a pack and the first wave will have a total of 20.  Blind Power Disc pack – $4.99
Because Disney owns so many different properties and are constantly adding more, Disney plans to release a new game disc every year, to incorporate new Disney movies as they are released.  Don’t worry though because the old characters will be compatible with the toybox mode on the new disc and the characters produced for the new disc will be compatible on the old.  New game disc – price unknown
My quick math show that buying the complete first series would set you back at minimum $350.  That doesn’t include any limited edition characters or special Power Discs packed inside Disney fruit chewies or cereal.  I think my wallet just started sobbing.
Both my daughter and my son collect Disney merchandise with me.  Up until now, it has been a relatively cheap hobby.  We usually pick out a piece once or twice a year when we go to Disneyland.  Upon seeing the trailer for this, both of them started making plans on how we were going to collect them and where we would store them.  The real danger is that this stuff is going to be available in my local Walmart, staring at me every time I go grocery shopping.  Something tells me that Disney Infinity is going to be able to turn the tide on their loses rather quickly.

Disney Infinity Incredible Pre-Order Deal

Disney Infinity finally comes out August 18th.  We here in the McAuley household have been waiting all summer for this game.  Originally this game was scheduled to be released in mid June and it was going to be part of our summer vacation entertainment.  At the last minute the game got pushed back to August.  According to Disney, it was because retailers wanted it out closer to Christmas.
For those of you unfamiliar with Disney Infinity, it is Disney’s newest cash printing machine.  It is a video game that also requires you to buy real world toys to unlock all of the game’s content.  Check out this article – Disney Infinity is going to be incredible, is your wallet ready for it? -for a breakdown of everything that is included with this game.  You can also watch this trailer video to get a good idea of what the game is all about.

Disney Infinity Incredible Pre-Order Deal
I preordered my copy of Disney Infinity last night.  I was going to wait and pick it up in the store the day it came out, but Amazon offered me a deal that I just couldn’t pass up.  First off you get the starter pack.  The starter pack comes with the game, the portal, and three characters (Sully, Captain Jack, and Mr. Incredible) for $75.  Amazon is sweetening the pot for those who pre-order.  They are throwing in a free additional character, we decided on Randall from Monsters University, which is a $13 value.  They are also giving a free Power Disc pack, which is a $5 value.  Then, to top it off, they are giving free shipping.  That’s $18 worth of free game supplies.  $18 that I can take and buy another character and power disc pack with
You can click here to preorder your copy – Disney Infinity Deal
Is anyone else excited about this game or am I the only one.  Who else is going to pre-order for this fantastic deal?

No way to really prepare for something like PAX

I was very fortunate to be able to attend PAX East this year with some friends, the convention continues today and Sunday however we only got tickets for Friday.

There is simply no way to really prepare for something like PAX, sure I had a map I had a full schedule of events, I had plans in my head of what i wanted to see and do but that all flew right out the window once I stepped into the convention hall. The first thing that I noticed about PAX was just how many damn people where there. Knowing most of my gaming friends online, it can feel like a relatively solitary hobby but there in front of me where thousands of gamers. Hardcore gamers, casual gamers, table top gamers, PC gamer, console gamers, TCG gamers, gamers as far as the eye could see.

PAX East

Once we got our badges we headed for the showroom floor, to do this we had to join a cue. The cue is a line to get in line to get into the floor. If there is one thing to bring to PAX is a a patience for lines. The cue and line moved fast though and we where in in no time. There was an insane amount of stuff on display, the big games like Borderlands 2 and Max Payne 3, and small stuff like iOS games and several indie games. We dove right in hunting down the games we loved and all the swag we could get our hands on.

Sadly I was never able to get any hands on time with Borderlands or Max Payne 3, both had lines that where so long the PAX enforces told me to just come back in a half hour, and I only had the one day so I wasn’t willing to spend half of it in line for one game. I did get some hands on with Far Cry 3 multiplayer, Ghost Recon Online, Tribes Ascend, I Am Alive, Minecraft on Xbox, Fable Heros,  and bunch of others. It was a ton of fun and i got quite a bit of swag for my efforts.

One of the highlights for me though would probably almost knocking over Felica Day, while looking at one of the impressive displays i almost walked into her. Later I went to see if I could get an autograph however the line was massive. She was at the Xbox booth from 2 – 4 and they had to cut the line at 2:30!

After the showroom closed at 6 we went to the tabletop area, I got myself a bunch of Magic cards and we played a bit before heading out to the PC Freeplay area. Finally with my feet as sore as they have ever been, sore shoulders from the swag bag, and with a slight pounding headache we called it a day. How anyone could survive 3 days of this amazingness I have no idea, but i definitively know I will go again next year and hopefully for all 3 days.

Boxchild Day

All eyes were on Tuam in Co. Galway today as Irish Travellers celebrated Boxchild Day.

The annual festival, taking place on the last Thursday of February, centres around a ritual believed by Irish Travellers to determine the tone of their behaviour over the Spring and Summer months.

The ritual involves releasing a Traveller child from a huge cardboard box in view of the festival officials.

boxchild day

According to folklore, if the child attempts to fight his own shadow, several months of misbehaviour, including street brawls, breaking chairs over publicans’ heads, hitting ponies with big sticks, drastically reducing the value of land, bareknuckle fighting and eleven year old girls wearing thongs and asking male passers-by of all ages if they would like a blowjob, lay ahead.

On the other hand, if the child smiles at his shadow, then a period of relative peace among the Irish Traveller community is predicted to last until Autumn. This period may contain such activities as: drinking in moderation, measured appeals on current affairs programs that Irish travellers be officially recognised as an ethnic group, friendly and legitimate lawnmower sales to people in rural areas, community clean-up drives, being honest, loveable rogues on reality television programmes and the formation of focus groups to spearhead nationwide celebrations of Irish Traveller language and culture.

The guest of honour at this year’s ceremony, Shite in the Bucket O’Donnell, announcing the official result as a likely year of good behaviour, claimed that the thrill of seeing members of the Traveller and Settled communities come together for one day every year was far more satisfying than tearing his vest off in a rage and pummeling a man’s face into a bloody mush.